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The Bear Missed The Train

And other animal songs

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© Roger Tincknell, Hairy Bear Productions CD (14 songs, 40 minutes) THE BEAR MISSED THE TRAIN features the ever-popular title song, the classic Waltzing with Bears and a variety of very singable and mostly traditional animal songs. It also includes two songs in Spanish, and ends with a beautiful Russian lullaby. This collection of playful songs is especially popular with young children. Some songs feature singing by students at Full Circle School in Bernardston, MA. Songs include: The Bear Missed the Train, I Had a Little Rooster, Mole in the Ground, Three Craw, Rubber Blubber Whale, Cinco Patitos, El Coqui, The Cat Came Back, Ain’t No Bugs on Me, Caterpillar, Turkey in the Straw, Froggie Went a Courtin’, Waltzing with Bears, Raindrops.