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Cookin’ Up a Rainbow

A family album for all ages

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© Roger Tincknell, Hairy Bear Productions CD (17 songs, 42 minutes) COOKING UP A RAINBOW is a collection of traditional and contemporary songs especially chosen by Full Circle School (Bernardston, MA) students and parents featuring some great singing by children. It includes many classic children’s songs, swing songs, sing-a-longs in English and Spanish, as well as original songs. A great car album! Song titles: Cookin’ Up A Rainbow, Shooting Star, Swinging On A Star, Aiken Drum, Tres Sardinas, Three Little Pancakes, Apple Picker’s Reel, La Bomba, From A Distance, Barnyard Dance, B A Bay, The Witch Song, Fooba Wooba, Fishin’ Blues, Mi Cuerpo, Yodeling Old Lady, Bluebird