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Earth Rhythms

Songs for the Environment - 1996

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©1996 Roger Tincknell, Hairy Bear Productions CD (21 songs, 50 minutes) Parents’ Choice Award 1996 EARTH RHYTHMS is the result of many years of singing, writing, and collecting songs about environmental issues. I have always been amazed by young children’s fascination with the natural world and their love for animals. Environmental concerns also inspire tremendous passion and creativity in my song-writing workshops with older students. This collective experience eventually led to the development of my environmental music program, EARTH RHYTHMS, upon which this album is based. "Roger Tincknell has created a nice addition to childrens environmental recordings on the market... This well-crafted work should be popular in schools, libraries and homes." School Library Journal Song titles: Small World, A Place in the Choir, We Come from the Mountains, One Drop of Water, It Really Isn’t Garbage, The Land Know You’re There, Habitat, Chickadee, Maybe, This Pretty Planet, Three Little Fishes, Sailin’ Up, You Can’t Make a Turtle Come Out, I had an Old Coat, Use it All Over Again, Earth Water Fire Air, Cryin’, De Colores, Mr. Moon, Springtime Yodel, We’ve Got the Whole World.