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Traveling Man

New Release! - 2011

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© 2010 Roger Tincknell, Hairy Bear Productions CD (18 songs, 52 minutes) TRAVELING MAN is a playful collection of traveling songs, silly kid songs, and songs about journeying to new places. Styles range from children’s classics to swing and yodeling tunes, a pop song in Spanish, a Russian lullaby, and a couple of contemporary folk songs. Song Titles Include: When I First Came to this Land; Traveling Man; Branching Out; Oh Coqui!; Car, Car; Choo-choo Cha Boogie; Erie Canal; Little Beggarman; Cape Cod Girls; Bump-A-Deedle; Freight Train; Pinto Pal; New England Song; The Fox; Going Down That Road; Cowboy’s Life; This Land is Your Land; May There Always Be Sunshine.